I am passionate and dedicated to the outdoors and sport, especially to mountain, ultra, trail running. I live and breath running. But it is also a part of a well-rounded lifestyle for me that includes vibrant nutrition, plentiful sleep, and talking shop with others. I am a real person, just trying to share my journey of exploring the trails and pushing my limits. I won’t tell you it’s easy, or that my body is perfect, but I will share my honest window into the world in hopes that you’ll step outside there with me.

I run as an ambassador for Altra Running as part of the Altra RED team. I love to support brands that feel good and do good. My current gear and fuel lineup also includes Spring Energy, Muir Energy, Darn Tough socks, Skratch Labs, the Naked Running Band & HC vest, & Leki poles.

I currently live in the North Lake Tahoe region, training in the mountains year round. I have added a lot more skiing into my training recently, and have been getting into backcountry skiing and even skimo racing. I also dabble in climbing, hiking, snowshoeing, yoga, SUP, and a variety of other sports. The more time I can spend being active outside, the happier I am.


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