Friday: Barbados Run #1

This morning was my first run in Barbados. Since I was traveling all day yesterday, I had to do my usual Thursday run today. After getting in late last night and subsequently going to bed late, I managed to get myself up around 7:30 and set out for my run at 8:30.

There’s a small beach in front of the hotel we’re staying at so I sat out with some apples, cheese, and a book while prepping for my run. I figured it’s my first full day of vacation and I had to run on the beach. I ended up with 3.26 miles, a bit of down-and-back action, burning calf muscles (during, thankfully not after), a slight farmer’s tan, and a lot of sweat thanks to the humidity. I’ve gotten so used to the 20-45 degree weather in DC so this is quite a sudden change of conditions.

Here are two photos of a cute little place I passed, and I’ve thrown in a photo of the sunset just for kicks. Tomorrow morning is a 7mi run, my second longest to date, and I’m hoping I’ll acclimate better to the weather.




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