Tuesday: Barbados Run #4

Yesterday saw a half mile increase in the usual Tuesday run. As the half marathon training is progressing so is the mileage; Tuesdays are now for 3.5 mile runs. I hit the road again in the morning, after postponing my run for almost an hour because there was some intermittent down-pouring. The run itself was nothing special – the first half was yet again almost all uphill, just not as steep as last Saturday’s long run. I put sunscreen only on my face for the run, and didn’t get burnt. (Although this ended up the hottest day here so far and later I spent all day on the beach getting sunburnt many places.)

As I ran I thought about how in winter training it is not the beginning of a run that is difficult, but the end simply due to the body getting tired. But in the heat and humidity here in Barbados the first 2 miles are the hardest. I wonder if winter training will leave me prepared enough for the race, especially because in the heat I have noticed that my sad efforts at cross-training are definitely apparent.

Below is a picture of the road and then one of some goats on the side of the road (all alive this time, I think…)



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