Thursday: Barbados Run #5 (Vacation’s almost over!)

On Thursday I went a similar route as Tuesday’s run, and the route I had originally set out to do for last Saturday’s long run. This took me gradually but struggling uphill into Royal Westmoreland Golf Course. I logged 4.3 miles and got some wonderful rash on my right leg that stung me periodically throughout the rest of the day. I realized yet again that I need to work on hills because going up is tough, but I also hate downhill on roads because I feel the hard impact.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is my 8 mile run. I still haven’t decided whether I will take the same route as last weekend or find a new one; that route was brutal but rewarding. For today I’ll just focus on fueling and then see where my mind’s at before I go to bed.

Here are some views at the top/turnaround point from Thursday below and a photo of the course from the road that runs through it.




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