Long Run to End Week 7 & Ready for More


Week 7 has concluded and that means just over a month left until my half marathon. Today was supposed to be a 9 mile long run with the run club. To my happy surprise about half the group was running 9 today too. The beginning of the run was going slow, so once I knew where  we were going and that I could keep the group in sight, I stopped trying to push the pacers and forged ahead. One of the pacers ran ahead with me off and on the rest of the run and finished with me, though I did loop back to her and the group once or twice. For some reason I really wanted to run with at least a pacer today so I could get an extra push, I mean isn’t that part of why I run with people instead of always running alone?

When I arrived back at the Nike store I was a little frustrated with myself for letting the run be a little slower than I wanted, so I decided to sprint aimlessly on M Street. This gave me an extra .61 miles. Isn’t it funny how I always have to (and have the energy to) go a little farther than my training plan says for my long runs? Not only do I need to prove to myself that I can do the distance required of me, but that I can do it, feel good after, and be able to continue running.

So 9.61 miles it was, my longest run to date, putting my mileage at 19.76 miles for this week. Next week is a recovery week, and then I have two more longest runs of my short running life until the half. I also tried the Vega Endurance Gel again today because Whole Foods had been out if the Clif Shot I was planning on getting. I don’t know if it tasted any better the second time around, but I put mind over matter and just consumed it.

With my training almost being at the one month mark until the NWM Half, it’s also almost time to go public. And by that I mean so far I have only told 2 friends and 2 family members that I am doing a half marathon. There are many reasons, which I won’t get into, as to why I have essentially tried to keep it a secret to those who know me. But the one month mark is the time I told myself I’d stop caring and just be open about it. Thus, I will stop being weird about it and stop trying to hide my training and not-so-officially let it be evident on my Facebook (isn’t it annoying how these days this is how most people learn about what’s going on in your life?). Time for all my “friends” to judge, but let the haters hate. Even if no one is there to support me at the race at least I will have done it and I only have to prove anything to myself.

Other random thoughts I’ve had this week:

  • I’m almost done with Scott Jurek’s Eat & Run, what should I read next?
  • I have been carrying a plastic water bottle for my long runs. If I were to get something more legit, should I go the handheld, waist pack, or hydration belt route? Something to consider is that I also carry my phone in hand for music and tracking (though this particular Nathan handheld would solve both problems).
  • On race day should I wear one of my Nike Run Club T-shirts or get an NMA shirt / tank (currently sold out) to wear? I’d like to rep something, but if not I’ll just wear whatever is most versatile for the weather and other race day needs.
  • After getting gently bullied/persuaded into getting my picture taken with a “We Run ___” sign at Thursday’s Run Club, we were all told the photos would be blown up for display at the NWM Half Expo. I am not looking forward to this, and all I could come up with at the time for my sign was “We Run Because We Can.” Ugh..
I over think many things, if you couldn’t tell. So for your visual pleasure here are a two photos from either Tuesday’s or Thursday’s run. We can’t wait for the Cherry Blossoms here in DC! Now time for me to go make some rice & beans and veggie stir-fry for dinner…
image photo

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