Week 8: Recovery Makes Me Bored

Week 8 was a recovery week, and while I know this is built into my half marathon training for my benefit, I have to admit I’ve been bored. On one hand, it was nice to have because on Saturday after my long run I started getting sick. By Sunday I had full-blown nasal congestion and was not having a good time. I’m happy report though that this “cold” has gone almost as quick as it came on. And on the other hand, a recovery week means I have no long run to look forward to tomorrow. I think this has been what’s left me uninspired all week. It’s not to say that I haven’t enjoyed all my runs this week (although Tuesday’s was an awful roller coaster ride for a run). Feeling like I was not able to progress and increase distance this week was a new kind of difficulty for me with running. I like to challenge and push myself so if I weren’t training I’d probably be out there pushing myself for distance almost every day. I guess the NMA training plan’s recovery weeks are a good safety net to keep my body in check so that when race day comes I am not already worn out before I even start.

Yesterday’s run club was good because even though I did 3 miles instead of my usual 4, I ran them at about an 8 minute/mile pace. While I do not run for speed but rather for distance, it is still gratifying when I can show myself I can run faster than I think. So I should be proud of myself since this is totally fast for me. Tomorrow is another run club day, and just a 4 mile run is on the books. I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll try to go for broke again or just keep with my usual pace; I guess I’ll decide depending on which route we’re doing and how much energy I have in the morning. I do thoroughly enjoy run club, and will be sad to miss next Thursday’s and Saturday’s runs with them since I will be out of town. Anybody know of a good 10 mile route near Pittsburgh??

I’ve got two iffy iPhone photos of Tuesday’s night run around the monuments for you:



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  1. So jealous you are able to run around DC and see the sights! I live in the outskirts and am usually on the W&OD trail, which is a great run, but I’d love to be able to see all the monuments and Potomac River on a few runs! I also run for distance and always find that when I’m not looking at my Garmin that my miles are faster than I thought I could be! Do you recommend any good run clubs around DC?

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