Thoughts on Boston…

This morning I was engorged in Runner’s World and reading about the elites’ finish at the Boston Marathon. Now Marathon Monday is being looked at in a whole new light, one of tragedy.

Whoever the hell did this can’t be a human being. While it is true, I have little faith in humanity, I simply cannot imagine a member of the human race who would choose the Boston Marathon of all places and times to carry out an attack. No human would take away from people who worked so hard for such an accomplishment. The people at the Boston Marathon have endured a mix of pain and emotion until they have achieved, more than you will ever be able to say. So how dare you think that is an appropriate time to take lives (as if there were ever a time or place to get your kind of justice.) If these explosions were indeed the result of a human act and not by accident, the responsible party(s) should be ashamed for being so selfish. One day we will know whether this was a “terrorist” attack, an act of a mentally unstable person, etc.; who did this and why this happened will be clear but still always inexcusable.

The lesson for all the runners out there is to stick to it. Every runner has a survivor in them and the best thing you can do is keep running as long as you are capable. For those who don’t run, maybe this is your time to start on behalf of those few who may never be able to again. My hope is that this one act does not overshadow the glory that is the Boston Marathon.

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