It’s Taper Week!

And thank goodness because (I guess) I’ve been injured. I thought about it yesterday, and realized I’d been limping around since Tuesday. So maybe I haven’t blogged in a few days because I’ve been in denial.

I went to the chiropractor on Thursday and along with adjusting me (sort of), he helped me sort out my other aches and pains. My right hip is pretty inflamed, and had been for a while I just didn’t do anything about it beyond stretching. I’ve also got some issue with a tendon in my left leg that runs from my back, down behind my knee and deep left of my calf. I’m convinced my back is to blame for both. But whatever the cause, my chiropractor taped my left foot and right hip and I’ve been icing my hip as well.

Until today, walking was painful and running was not. Today is the first time I am successfully able to walk with some pain still but overcome the urge or need to limp. Unfortunately, my 5 mile run this morning was quite the opposite. It was just kind of painful and not very fun, which is rare for me. I am stubborn so I expect to be fine for the half marathon in a week though. In the meantime I am restricting walking to what is necessary and will probably not do my run on Monday depending on how I feel. If I don’t run Monday and possibly Tuesday, I may go ride a bike in the gym (blasphemy!) for cross-training. We shall see how a little time and rest works so that I am best prepared for next Sunday. I’ll also be back to the chiropractor on Tuesday…

Some Rock Creek Park photos from Tuesday:




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