Where have I been?

I know it’s been many weeks since my last post, and I apologize. But, I have many excuses for you! There have been some non-running reasons such as finals, graduating college, moving back to California, and of course, being unemployed. You know, life transitions. There is also the fact the my laptop keyboard no longer functions properly, so almost every post I have written to date was done on the trusty old iPhone…and that just got annoying after a while.

More importantly to you are the other reasons, related to running, why I have not written.  If you recall, about a week and a half before the half marathon I was experiencing the beginnings of injury. For the three weeks or so after the race I only ran twice a week, averaging about 4-5 miles each run. I half-knew I shouldn’t still be running, but I wanted to get in a few last runs with Nike Run Club before I left DC for good. So I just kept running, balancing it now with stretching and icing almost nightly. For a while, only walking was painful and running felt okay once I got into my stride. Then running became unpleasant. To cut the story short, I have now not run in just over two weeks, since my last run with run club. That Saturday run was the longest and most painful of my life. It was also the slowest I may have ever run, causing a lot of additional back pain. (But hey, I’m tough, and later that day I put on my 4-inch heels and graduated.)

Anyways, I knew after that I had to take my rest and recovery seriously once I got home and stop running for a while. The next week I went to the chiropractor and got a deep tissue massage, both of which did wonders. I continued to stretch and ice, although more sporadically than before. Yet somehow my right calf/shin/ tendon is still sore and my hip is still inflamed and uncomfortable. I have no idea what is wrong, to say the least. And now after golfing a mere 6 practice holes yesterday, my upper body is sore.

Every day I dream about running, and hope that when I wake up the next morning this pain from nowhere will have subsided.  I am so frustrated because I know I can’t run, but feel I have waited plenty long and shouldn’t be in pain anymore. I have become lazy with my stretching and feel hopeless because nothing has made a difference.  I am becoming rather inactive, hoping that will be the answer.  You see, I love to run, but have little motivation to go out and do something that doesn’t involve running, walking, hiking, etc. I especially loathe the gym because I prefer to be outdoors. So, my shin/calf/tendon still hurts when I put pressure on it and my back is now almost out of position again so another chiro visit is in order soon.

On a brighter note, pictures from my last run in DC:

IMG_1005 IMG_1006

Since I’m currently not running and writing about it will only make me more bummed out, the next few posts will probably be food-related.  Food and running do go hand-in-hand after all, as you can’t run without proper fueling!

P.S. Yesterday I registered for the Nike Women Half Marathon in SF in October for round two with Nike! Now I just need to get myself on some hills and see if Nike Run Club SF has anything on DC .

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